To All Who Read This

May you have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and/or a Happy Hannukah.

Just another update, the Mantis/dotproject integration is frozen until tomorrow, then work will begin again. As I have found in the detailed logs, there are many people finding this site due to mentions of SugarCRM – a very effective single organization CRM package, Mantis – a highly configurable, yet rough around the edges Bug Tracking package, and dotProject – a flexible Project Management tool growing through user-permission growing pains. Welcome all.

During these next few months, CEO and I hope to bring the integration and usefulness of these tools to a new level that will allow a one-stop shop for a Project Manager to monitor a project throughout its lifecycle. There don't seem to be many tools out there… MS Project is the most logical contender, but it is a mess in terms of supporting multi-user collaboration. From my usage of it over the years (and my recent review of its Users Manual), it is wonderful for scheduling a project in advance and for a single person to serve as a “project info gatekeeper”, but this role can't exist in many teams so this is therefore irrelevant.

Next, as you should be able to tell, I am focusing on the technology and development issues of CaseySoftware and outside trends while CEO focuses on management, business, startup, and whatever other issues we collide with as this enterprise begins. Finally, due to a special arrangement with one of our favorite clients, we will have a special guest blogger post and discuss issues he has faced in starting his own entrepreneurial ventures and online marketing (not Spam).