web2project: Call to Action

web2projectThis week Matthew Turland wrote "stop asking, start helping" and last month Elizabeth Smith wrote "Less Whining, More Coding".  While both said it more politely, their points boiled down to "put up or shut up".

Towards that goal, I have an announcement for the web2project and dotProject communities.  It's been a long time coming, but we have it.

The web2project Installer and dotProject Converter is now available.

It's a momentous occasion.  If you've been wanting to try the system out, do so!  You should be able to install from nothing or convert your dotProject data easily.  The installer handles the whole thing in three easy steps checking requirements, collecting database configuration, and installing the whole thing.

But in exchange, we need feedback.  If you hit problems, let us know.  If there's something screwy or unclear, let us know.  If something can be done easier, faster, smarter, less risky, let us know.  If we've done a great job and want to buy us nice steak dinners, definitely let us know.

But please don't email us issues.  We have a bug tracking system – http://bugs.web2project.net/ – so everyone can see what's going on.  Not only does it help things stay organized, but some of us are more knowledgeable in certain areas of the system and our users often know even more.  All of these things result in your issues getting resolved faster.

At the time of this writing – the afternoon of 30 Jan – we have 10 open issues.

Help us raise lower improve this number!