web2project Risk Management v1.0

As of Sunday, January 9th, the first version of the Risk Management Module is available for Web2project. While I’d love to be able to describe all the changes, the conversion process covered so many aspects, it’s hard to list them all. The most important ones are:

  • It supports full permissions, so you can configure Roles or individual permissions to give your team members exactly the amount of access you want.
  • Due to old database structures and oddities, there were numerous huge queries done. With the improvements from web2project, we were able to drop 75% of those queries. Not simplify 75% but eliminate them outright. The fastest query is the one you don’t have to do.
  • The module implements the hook_search interface. It allows the main system to search it just like any other module. You don’t have to do or configure anything else.

Regardless of the improvements, there’s still no reporting to go along with this. Therefore, we need some feedback. If you have suggestions or requirements on what reporting is necessary, please visit the web2project Forums and let us know!

Download the web2project Risk Management Module here.

Also, if you’re not familiar with the concept of Risk Management, learn about it. Every Project Manager should know the key concepts and principles.

Based on the updates to core web2project this module should be easier and faster to maintain going forward.