web2project: Don't just tell me…

… show me!

The single most common reason why people sought out support for dotProject is that they didn't get it. Sometimes it was a simple misunderstanding of the terms, sometimes it simply wasn't seeing a key part, and sometimes it's just a difference in how people learn. We all expect people to learn the same ways as us or to figure things out themselves.

Well, that isn't always the case. And in fact, I see it as a sign of maturity and growth when a person/group reaches beyond their own needs and starts appealing to others. Within web2project, we've taken that step:

Towards that goal… web2project now has training videos!

If you check out the Core Modules* page, you'll see a list of the Core Modules that make up web2project and that you're most likely to use on a daily basis. Choose any module – such as Projects – and scroll to the bottom. There you'll see simple walk throughs and voice overs done by the highly esteemed Stephen Pierce. Not only does he spend quite a bit of time reviewing existing/familiar functionality, but he shows all the new toys and functionality available in our first release.

These are meant to be an Overview and a Quickstart for Users. They are not meant for detailed training or extensive customization for System Administrators or Developers. While the web2project community is nothing without these people, they make up a small part of our Users and are more likely to just dive in anyway. 😉

As always, if you have feedback, information, questions, etc, feel free to drop me a note or ask in the web2project forums.

* Yes, this structure is modeled directly after how I organized that portion of the dotProject wiki. I want CaseySoftware customers to have as smooth a transition as possible. 😉