What says PHP like an elePHPant?

detailed php elephant specificationsI never thought "plush toys" would be a tag on this site…

At the DCPHP Conference this year, we had a new entrant to the arena of ideas: The ElePHPant.

The PHP elephant is the culmination of a dream of a gentleman by the name of Damien Seguy*. After years of pitching, convincing, and pleading with the development community to pick up his idea, he finally found a group crazy dedicated enough to help make it happen.

When the elePHPants appeared at DCPHP this past week, they were an immediate hit. The few that were set up on the registration were posed and re-posed on a regular basis. Finally, once the happy hour began on Wednesday evening, the elePHPants began migrating from Damien to their proud new owners. By the end of Thursday, every elePHPant had a new home… including one right next to my printer.

If you'd ever wanted an elephant but don't have the budget, contact Damien for this more… cost effective solution. Pictures are available here.

* If you don't know who Damien is, he's the guy behind the version/deployment statistics of PHP in the wild. The latest month available is October 2007 and I referenced his work earlier this spring.  If you are a PHP developer, you need to read his stuff… you need to know what it going on outside your organization.