Good Evening and Welcome to my first posting on my own blog. While KC writes and talks about many of the day-to-day operations and the technical aspects of our business, I hope to cover some of the business, economic, and political ramifications of a small Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

And what better to start with than the latest and great issue of Welcome to the Carnival of the Capitalists!

In the meantime, we have filed to be an official business within the state and have received our license to charge salestax. Fortunately, since most of our business is over the Internet and for various remote clients, this should be a minor inconvenience. In the meantime, I am required to file monthly reporting of income in order to access the amount of tax to pay. I've already filled it out once to review the information required and it appears to only take a few minutes a month… except when a check is due.

Have a good evening.