We've received a number of calls, emails, etc trying to get details and specific feature set lists about some of our projects, so I have made two White Papers available that may be of interest. Read on for details.

First, the Microsoft Project to dotProject Importer Specificiation [PDF]. This code is already complete and in the hands of a numer of the Project Sponsors. We appreciate their support and it has allowed us to develop other additional code for the dotProject Core. For sponsorship information, please read this.

Next, the Mantis Integration Specification [PDF] has become vital to our operations. This document details what functionality will be covered in our upcoming integration. There is no timeline currently set for this as we are seeking comment and feedback from the community. Our timeline and Sponsorship Program will begin on or around 12 September.

More White Papers and Technical Documents will follow and be available with the other White Papers. Expect to see a big announcement on 12 September…

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