Project Estimation – Part II: The Customer

Project Planning and Estimation can be a contentious issue. Yesterday, I presented a way of addressing the Developers' concerns while simultaneously demonstrating your management prowess. Today I will address the Customer side of the equation. Rule #1: A Customer Relationship is Work As Patrick has noted over and over again, “good customer service (just like […]

Project Estimation – Part I: PERT

Project Planning is the necessary evil to all projects. Project Managers hate it, Customers hate it, and the people actually doing the work – developers for now – hate it, and every walks away from the process feeling singed, beaten, intimidated, or even lied to. The customer thought this was an easy project and hoped […]

Task Tracking & Project Management

I was involved in a small discussion over at Joel on Software earlier this week responding to a person who was looking for a time tracking or task log tool for the developers within a small ISV (Independent Software Vendor). As usual, I responded with dotProject and the blowback was amazing. Nobody was attacking the […]

dotProject Release Coming

For those of you who don't follow live in the dotProject forums like myself*, you may have missed the announcement that v2.0rc1 is due out by the end of the month. It has been a solid year since the last release, but major development has been happening across nearly every portion of the system. First […]

Another Integration Path ?

Scenario: You have just received an RFP (or Request for Proposal) from one your clients. This is a client with whom you've worked successfully in the past, kept in contact with about business trends, and have provided with a great deal of professional advice. You open your CRM tool, log the new information, and pass […]

dotProject/Mantis Integration

For those of you who haven't been following the saga, one of our major projects here at CaseySoftware is to provide a integration module for dotProject and Mantis. It's still moving, but customers obviously must come first. We believe that dotProject provides a solid web interface for the tracking and management of a project throughout […]