XML is Not the Silver Bullet

Unless you've been asleep for the past 4-5 years, you've heard about XML. I have been working in it extensively since mid-2001 developing XSL Transforms, XML Schemas, XML storage, and a variety of other things before there seemed to be any helpful O'Reilly books on it. XML (and WebServices) was initially hyped to be the […]

Hiring the Best

Joel (of Joel on Software) has spoken once again and this time he has spoken about the legendary “Top 1% of Developers”. He points out – and rightfully so – the fact that just because a company accepts 1/200 of their applicants, it doesn't mean they're getting the top 0.5%. It means that they hired […]

Customer Skins for dotProject

After a much needed hiatus, I am back. Mantis development is continuing as described before. It is not moving quite as projected due to other competing priorities, but it is difficult to turn down customers. We have just started working with our Graphic Artist to create themes and stylesheets for dotProject. There is obviously going […]

Mantis Development Proceeds

As of today, KC will be 100% on the Mantis for approximately two weeks before starting on his next project. We hope to get all of the core functionality wrapped up by then and make a version available on the dotmods page on SourceForge. There has been a great deal of interest on the dotProject […]

We're nearly there

With the activation of our Merchant Account, we are nearly 100% ready to bring the site fully online. KC has been working hard to make sure that things are working smoothly with the dotProject installation(s), our SugarCRM implementation, the Mantis/dotProject integration and our usage of osCommerce. We are waiting for a few more graphics from […]

Development Continues

As the schedule displays, the dotProject/Mantis integration is proceeding full steam this week. The functionality that is already complete is nothing to sneeze at, but it's hardly functional as a real tool. Currently, a user can log into dotProject and view a list of the bugs currently logged in Mantis. It initially did this via […]

Open Source Trials and Travails

There are MANY powerful, robust, and flexible packages out there both for the desktop and the web. Software such as Apache, sendmail, iptables, and a variety of other things serve as much of the backbone of much of the Internet, whether users realize it or not. Along the lines of web-based applications, there are my […]

dotProject & Mantis Development Schedule

After working through all of the outstanding issues with all of the contracting work for CaseySoftware, we are about to start full steam on the dotProject development. Our projected timeline is below. I believe that by making it public, it will provide some transparency into our organization and hopefully demonstrate the commitment of CaseySoftware to […]