Open Source Trials and Travails

There are MANY powerful, robust, and flexible packages out there both for the desktop and the web. Software such as Apache, sendmail, iptables, and a variety of other things serve as much of the backbone of much of the Internet, whether users realize it or not. Along the lines of web-based applications, there are my […]

dotProject & Mantis Development Schedule

After working through all of the outstanding issues with all of the contracting work for CaseySoftware, we are about to start full steam on the dotProject development. Our projected timeline is below. I believe that by making it public, it will provide some transparency into our organization and hopefully demonstrate the commitment of CaseySoftware to […]

Blog Ad Humor

I turned on the ads for the blog this morning. After choosing a reasonable color scheme and inserting the block into Drupal, I noticed something. Click around and see if you notice it. Due to my partner's initials (not to be repeated here), on many of the pages, advertisements for a particular band are displayed. […]

To All Who Read This

May you have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and/or a Happy Hannukah. Just another update, the Mantis/dotproject integration is frozen until tomorrow, then work will begin again. As I have found in the detailed logs, there are many people finding this site due to mentions of SugarCRM – a very effective single organization CRM […]

New Development Methodology

Agile Methodologies, Evolutionary Development, Test Driven Development, Waterfall, etc have nothing on my brand new development methodology: Guess & Check. Yes, you've heard me right, Guess & Check Development. It's much simpler than any of the other practices. It doesn't require requirements. It doesn't require testing. It doesn't even require customer involvement… as long as […]

Potential Downtime Coming

Well, the new hosting provider is online (Thanks Joel!) so there is some potential downtime coming within the next week or so. I've got everything set up on that end, I just need to flip the switches, but I'm not going to be watching very carefully once I go on vacation next week. Oh yeah, […]

Development Portfolios

Just like everyone else, I've applied and interviewed for a development job or ten. You know the situation… you kick off your resume, get a time for an interview, walk in with another copy of your resume, and talk about your past projects. If the interviewer subscribes to the Microsoft Model of interviewing, they may […]