Development Portfolios

Just like everyone else, I've applied and interviewed for a development job or ten. You know the situation… you kick off your resume, get a time for an interview, walk in with another copy of your resume, and talk about your past projects. If the interviewer subscribes to the Microsoft Model of interviewing, they may […]

Personal Strengths

A few months ago, I was at a Christian Leadership Conference by the Willow Creek Association where a slightly-hyper-Brit by the name of Marcus Buckingham spoke about his book: Now, Discover Your Strengths or simply NDYS. He discussed leadership patterns across different companies, the satisfaction of individuals within organizations, how these affect motivation and effectiveness, […]

Sleep is for the weak

So I guess I finally admit it, I'm weak. After last week's whirlwind adventure and 60+ hours of working, I took the weekend off from posting mostly to rest, recuperate, and experience the joy of various Christmas Parties. No, I have no shame in saying it because that's what they were. Anyway, CEO and I […]

Distributed Development Teams

With KC on the road this week, I am encountering the difficulty that more and more Project Managers are running into: a Distributed Development Team. It's every Managers' not-so-secret fear that when the team is seperated by physical distance – and even worse, timezones or cultures – productivity is hurt, communication is weakened, and deadlines […]

Codebase^2 Redux

As I described before, last week I was forced to fork the codebase on an application that I had previously built a role-based permissions system to handle the variations between the systems. Well, as I have predicted, development has continued in all four versions and I am being told to merge all of the updates […]

More details from the Road.

After working a 10 hour day with a 30 minute break for lunch yesterday, we took another 2 hours off and came back to the office until 11pm. I'm building a Billing Module for the application that I've cultivated since the early Requirements stages. I have 8 pages of requirements, but none of them detail […]


Good Evening and Welcome to my first posting on my own blog. While KC writes and talks about many of the day-to-day operations and the technical aspects of our business, I hope to cover some of the business, economic, and political ramifications of a small Independent Software Vendor (ISV). And what better to start with […]

On the Road

For those of you who may not be aware, CaseySoftware is still in the fledgling startup phase. We have few customers and no one is drawing a salary in order to preserve capital. Therefore, everyone working for CaseySoftware also holds down a regular fulltime job. Sometimes this works out quite well, but other times it […]