IT – Internal projects

In the following posts I’ll define the term “Internal projects” and will show that they are essential for any IT department.

Despite the fact that there are managers out there, that understand the value of inner projects and the fact that these project already exist, too many IT departments still fail to understand how important they are. Thus, my task is to offer another point of view of this subject, which will hopefully help more IT managers see the light.

So let’s start by defining the term – “Internal project”

Internal project is a development project which output is a tool or a system that only serves the IT department. The project is financed solely from the IT budget and the system does not generate any direct revenues.

At first look it doesn’t look like much of an offer. Give me your budget and give me your time any in return I’ll give you a tool or system that generates no revenues. No wonder a lot of managers refuse to this strange offer.

Nevertheless, strange as it may look, any IT manager must accept this offer.

So as I said before…In the next posts I’ll show why are the Internal Projects so important and how they should be implemented

Asaf Gilad