php|works – 20/20 6:40

As of today, my highly esteemed colleage and pants-freedom advocate Paul Reinheimer announces a new event for php|works next week:

20/20 6:40

To put the concept simply:

The format is a little bit different than a talk (thank god) and hopefully a lot more fun. Basically the presenter gets up there with twenty slides, each are going to be shown for exactly 20 seconds, for a total of six minutes forty seconds. No take backs, no do-overs, no boring slides full of code.

The format lends itself well to quick, interesting presentations on pretty much anything.

Wow.  It's like an automated lightning talk… it has the potential to either be a glorious exchange of concepts or an entertaining session of mishaps, humor and a bit of chaos. I give even money for it to be a bit of both. 

Elizabeth Naramore is the ringmaster for this chaos. If you're interested, contact her while there are still slots left. She's at elizabeth at phparch dot com.

* Disclosure: I've been interacting with many of the MTA (php|architect) crew lately and happen to be partnering with Marco on a number of projects and interesting fun.  So while I have no vested interest in php|works itself, I'm speaking there and wish them the best.