Project Importer 2.1 Final Release

It's been a few months in coming, but this is the latest and greatest release of the Project Importer. This one is a minor release but has some nifty new functionality.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed an issue with the task_type which was only being set consistently for dynamic tasks. This would cause some tasks not to display in the Project View.
  • If you attempt to import a project and there is already one with an identical name, the Importer will automatically delete the existing tasks and import the new tasks into the existing project. A warning will appear to the user during the preview stage.Fixed the parent/child relationship error. In the v1.5 release, a bug was introduced which could cause parent/child relationships to be lost.

And the most interesting part of all is that this is the last planned version for dotProject. All future releases – including the support for additional import options – will support web2project exclusively. Which you can get from SVN right now

Version 2.1 of the Project Importer can be downloaded here.