The First web2project Demo

Well, it's been a long time in coming, but we're getting ever closer to a release…. so here's our first public demo: – admin / testtest

And yes, I do the see the irony in the demo being hosted on the domain.

A couple quick caveats on this one:

First, the system is starting off empty. Feel free to add appropriate things.

Second, the system is not wiping itself automatically. Therefore, there are likely to be problems as people change/add information until I put in the auto-reset script.

Finally, this has *full* debugging turned on. That makes the system slower and downright sluggish in some areas. That is on purpose as the logs are being collected and reviewed.

On a related note, the initial dotProject -> web2project script is in alpha form. It already appears to be quite solid using my 5 years of data as a test bed.