Widget DevCamp DC

Via the highly esteemed and very local Justin Thorp, I learned about Widget DevCamp DC over the 25th and 26th of this month (January 2008 for the archives):

WidgetDevCamp is a DevCamp/BarCamp-style event for anyone interested in modular social app develpment — widgets, Facebook, OpenSocial, the works. It will be a chance for discussion, learning, and maybe even some collaborative hacking. The goal is to share information on the latest topics in social app and widget development, going past the hype and gettign into the guts.


This is a bit different some of the other recent events like Startup Weekend or BarCampDC. Startup Weekend is really focused on taking a concept and turning it into a company after a single weekend of marathon hacking and bizdev. BarCamp on the other hand is focused on sharing ideas and concepts of what is going on out there in the wider world outside of your little circle…

Widget DevCamp looks to be somewhere in between. There is a definite focus on sharing ideas and kicking around concepts, but there's a strong streak of actually making something happen and walking away from the weekend with something tangible.

While it's unlikely that I can make this one, I look forward to what they can do… already on the attendee list are some locals: Jason Garber of Mixx, Danny Espinosa of Amnesty Widgets, Jesse Thomas, and Zvi Band.

If you're interested, don't forget to sign up.