web2Project Source Code Reference

Documentation is always the worst part of any software development project.  The Agile guys believe that code should speak for itself.  While that's enough for many people and enough for many snippets of code, it's not always quite enough for all of the right people.

I believe firmly that the ease at which a new person can approach a piece of software demonstrates the community's overall maturity.  The Java community (in aggregate) has an impressive amount of documentation on its libraries.  The creation and standardization of JavaDoc led to much of that, but it still takes a bit of effort from the developers and the community.    

Within the web2project community, we've already introduced demo/training videos and a screenshot-heavy documentation wiki to assist our users.  Not only does it help users get up to speed, but taking a critical look at a system helps you notice and rethink things you normally just pass over.

Well, the next step in our evolution is here.  The entire source is available to review online:  web2project Source Code Browser.  While most of us can simply check out the latest and greatest from SVN and dive in, some don't have the same level of skill and ability.  Having this available quickly online will make it easier to discuss and show individual bits of code with minimal hassle.

We have a few other things in the works and hope to announce them soon… stay tuned. 😉