web2project Status Update: RC1 Review

It's been 23 days since the first Release Candidate for web2project v1.0 was released.

In the time, we've had 17 bugs reported by a total of eight different users. Combined with the four issues we had before, we briefly reached a peak of 17 open issues. As of 6pm Eastern on 06 May, the current triage is:

  • There are 6 open issues;
  • Two (#149 and 151) have yet to be reproduced by a second person;
  • Two of the remaining six (#128 and 134) are up for resolution now;
  • One (#78) is a critical show-stopping issue that must be fixed – extensive testing information has been added to this one and will be reviewed;
  • One (#112) is more properly considered a feature and probably won't make the cut this time;

I noted last week that the average daily downloads is up, the bug reports are up, and all kinds of other little things.  We're still seeing growth on those fronts, but we're also seeing something else…

I know I've said it before, but it looks like a release is near.  We're kicking around some timeframes based on the number of bug reports and how they're looking, but I'm not ready to share any of them here… but it's close and getting closer.

If you're still looking to help out somewhere, we need a few things:

  • Try out web2projectDownload web2project and give it a spin. If you're a dotProject user, try upgrading and let us know what you think;
  • Feedback is always welcome – we're collecting questions and fielding support requests in the forums but bugs and feature requests are handled in our issue tracker;
  • Reviews are importantweb2project was dropped from Wikipedia a few weeks ago for not having a v1.0 out and lacking any third party reviews. We're working on the first part, you can help on the second;
  • Designers are always welcome – As with most Open Source projects, some consider our layouts… ugly. If you have design improvements or cleanups to the underlying html, please share them.